Widget Styles

This page presents widget styles available in this theme.

01For the widgets used on the top1-2 and bottom1-2 widget areas we recommened to use only default widget styles due the structure of these widget areas.

02The clear style is very useful to create banners or images without additional borders, margins and paddings. The clear style is also very useful inside the mainbodymainbody_top and mainbody_bottom widget areas.

03If you want to create a widgets with big title, please use the Big title style. Additionally you can use markdown syntax to achieve the em and strong elements in the title. The em element can be created using syntax **text**, the strong element uses the following syntax: __text__.

04The double style should be used only on the top1-2 and bottom1-2 widget areas in the first widget – we recommend to place on the specific widget area only 4 or 6 widgets (depends from the widget area columns configuration).

05The login and cart widget areas are located in the popups. The cart popup is activated by the fixed cart icon on the right edge of the theme – if there is no widget on this area, then the cart icon won’t be displayed. The login popup is activated by menu item which have defined CSS class gklogin – you can set this class form specific menu item using the WordPress Menu Manager.

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